The Amazing Samsung Galaxy S24 vs S24 Plus vs S24 Ultra

nSamsung Galaxy S24 vs S24 Plus vs S24 Ultra we’ve still got a fair chunk of 2023 to get our way through before that glorious double whammy of Christmas and New Year comes along to both skint us and also get us paralytically drunk but when 2024.

Samsung Galaxy S24 vs S24 Plus vs S24 Ultra

finally rolls around well it’s down with the minc pies and merriness and straight back to action baby that’s right Samsung is set to launch its shiny new Galaxy s24 phones around mid January and if I’ve actually recovered from the festive.
Hangover by then hopefully I’ll be able to bring you a full bit of Hands-On fondly Fage but for now let’s have a good hard squint at all of those lovely Galaxy s24 series leaks.

and rumors and get ourselves all hot and bothered about Samsung’s fancy new flagships jingle it just a little bit texpert weekly now first up it’s unlikely that

Samsung Galaxy S24 vs S24 Plus vs S24 Ultra series leaks & rumours

anyone will be massively shocked to hear that once again you could expect a trio of Galaxy s24 phones like last year we’ll have the regular Galaxy s24 the s24 plus and the knob swinging.

the Posh s 24 Ultra for those with a serious wad stashed in their pants all three Samsung phones should look boringly similar to this year’s s23 handsets although the s24 and that plus model have apparently grown slightly to 6.2 and 6.6 in respectively which makes your uncle spurt more than a wee bit sad cuz.

the regular Galaxy S Series smartphone is pretty much one of the only compact blowers we have anymore and while my stubby we Goblin Ms may be the perfect size for handling my micro penis there are less than ideal match when it comes to enormous off phones so don’t kill the compact Samsung Galaxy S24 vs S24 Plus vs S24 Ultra I beg you and also the ultra is now said to have a completely flat screen.

no more slopy edges here and in what appears to be a case of Apple ba/ straight up plagiarism
the s24 ultra will apparently be constructed from titanium to make it more lightweight probably just as well because I swear I my elbow a good few times just yanker the s23 ultra out of my pocket.

meanwhile the those cheaper galaxies will once again be made from Samsung’s armor aluminium while all three are expected to feature Gorilla Glass victus 2 front and back and there’s even chat of Samsung introducing a fresh new yellow color for the s24 range although presumably not quite an eye popping lemony yellow like classic blowers of yester year I’m guessing it’ll be more of a subdued pastely yellow so the same sort of color as Fluttershy I uh I Googled yellow cartoon characters and that’s.

how I know about Fluttershy I’m most certainly not best aroused by Pegasus style My Little Ponies the display of the Galaxy s24 Ponies the display of the Galaxy s24 series should be similar AMOLED Tech to last year’s s23 models although the plus model will now get an upgrade to the same Quad HD Plus resolution as that Ultra to make the visuals even more crispy and the s24 Ultra screen

won’t just be flatter it will also apparently be brighter topping off at a retina searin 2,500 nits so great news if you live somewhere Sunny like not the UK what’s less great news is the actual brains of these blowers at least if you live here in blighty cuz apparently the regular s24 and the s24 plus will be serviced by Samsung’s own Exodus 2400 chip set rather than.

the Snapdragon 8 gen 3 which will power the Galaxy s24 Ultra the US of course being a bunch of Jammy bastards should actually get that Snapdragon goodness in all three models possibly because Samsung is worried that in Ed Americans will end up blasting their Exodus powered junk to bits with the family Magnum of course the Exodus 2400 might turn out to be absolutely bloody wonderful and all but I just can’t see it quite beating the Snapdragon H gen3 when it comes to overall performance but also the power efficiency.

and speaking of which you can expect increased battery capacity in the regular s24 and the s24 plus to hopefully help counter any exous based Shenanigans but sadly that charging speed once again seems to be capped out slower than an arthritic two-legged tortoise even the mighty Ultra will stop at 45 Watts for that camera Tech you can once again expect

the Galaxy s24 Ultra to support the swankiest Optics of this family with strong rumors that Samsung will finally slap in a 1-in sensor understandably one of its own ISO cell jobbies so you can expect some rather Lush Bucky action and an upgrade to the low light shooting you can of course expect the usual telephoto upgrade for the ultra over the s24 and the s24 Plus but a spear Zoom action.

if you’re not entirely sick of taking pictures of the Moon by now and apparently Samsung has changing its strategy when it comes to the sensors used for

the ultrawide and telepo Shooters as well so they’re all going to be ISO cell now just like that primary shooter and I should hopefully make for a more consistent Vibe when you’re swapping between the different lenses and last up the Galaxy s24 Trio will all run the same one ui6 software which looks not very different.

at all to one ui5 despite some hot new font action but of course it’s packed to the tits for some fresh new features included the ability to hear or read a realtime translation of any phone call with your foreign Chums that’s an aied feature that Google recently hyped up with its pixel phones and apparently.

if you take just a single photo of a landscape the new galaxies can also create a full 12-hour time lapse using that photo saving you hanging around in theing called more pub time huzzar and if your pants are already dripping at the thought of this galaxy s24 well you don’t have long to wait at all the latest leaks reckon that they will all launch on January the 17th

and they’ll be available to buy here in blighty and across the rest of the globe before February even hits so are you excited or is your bag of to give completely empty well let us know down below and we will check the public temperature on the Galaxy s24 with the techert rectile thermometer next week

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