Jeezy Files for Divorce Jeannie Mae

Jeezy, the renowned Atlanta rap artist, has initiated divorce proceedings against Jeannie Mai, a prominent television presenter. The legal filing, submitted to the Fulton County Superior Court, reveals that Jeezy, whose true name is Jay Jenkins, is seeking joint custody of their precious child. Interestingly, their journey has led them towards separate paths, despite their prior commitment to prenuptial agreements.


Jeezy Takes a Heartbreaking Step Filing for Divorce from Beloved Jeannie Mae

The union of Jeezy and Mai, celebrated in April 2021 through an intimate ceremony at their Atlanta residence, bore fruit in 2022 with the arrival of their adorable baby girl.

Fast forward to May 2023, and the couple was sighted embarking on a whimsical sojourn to Vietnam, commemorating their second anniversary with fervor.

Mai, in a candid revelation, shared the meticulous year-long planning that preceded their getaway. ‘The orchestration of this voyage was a labor of love, spanning an entire year. Surprisingly,

jeannie mai and jeezy

Jeezy remained blissfully unaware of our destination until the very moment we boarded the aircraft!’ she enthusiastically recounted. ‘Our journey proved to be truly exceptional, as I was wholeheartedly immersed in the local culture, delving into activities such as culinary adventures, fishing escapades, and even agricultural endeavors,’ she continued. ‘I entrusted my husband with a mere checklist of essentials to pack, and serendipity gracefully steered the course of our adventure.

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